28. heinäkuuta 2009

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Hyvä kirjoitus Hugo Schwyzeriltä:

"First, Last, Security Deposit": Women’s savings, feminism, and the steps to getting a room of one’s own

It comes from something I heard years ago from a feminist colleague of mine. She remarked, apropos of nothing that I can remember, "You know what freedom is? Freedom is having first, last, and a security deposit." (Most landlords require a first month’s payment and a last month’s payment in advance before renting an apartment; most require a security deposit, often equal to another month’s rent.) For young people living in unhappy home situations with repressive parents, or for women in abusive relationships, the ability to leave and begin a different life is tied to access to money. Feminists rightly celebrate the importance of "choice" and "autonomy", but we must always acknowledge that it is far easier to exercise these two fundamental goods when one has resources over which one has direct control.


Women are told, over and over again, to subordinate their personal hopes and wishes to those of the family, the culture, the race; women’s bodies and women’s bank accounts bear the burden of maintaining solidarity.


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